Joburg soccer, football crazy

It was great to be out and about this weekend, Joburg’s football fever has definitely struck. With the international teams arriving there are loads of press and tourists all around, the vibe is electric and it’s fun to be around.

2010 flags

Of course traffic still everywhere, leave early people that’s all I can say on that one. Sat and had a few drinks, people watched, flags and foreign accents all around. Then went to browse in Exclusive books Sandton, and walking past all the shops loved the football displays and paraphernalia in all the shop windows.

2010 sport shop window
2010 sport shop window

Some shops have really done some cute stuff, love the little football silver charms in the jewelery shop window. Socrates shoe store have a great display of hanging footballs and have even done lovely football carry bags. Of course vuvuzelas everywhere and a lovely makarapa hat in the curio shop. You have got to admire coricrafts SA flag couch, not for your house, but might look cute in an office somewhere.

2010 shop windows
2010 socrates shoe shop
jewelery shop

There was one shop that tried, but no cigar, with some not too great painted display drops (see photos).

shop window

I also like Big blues SA flag shirt, for a bloke watching the game, and they have the horn kuduzelas, I do wish they sold silent ones though. Woolies have also done a great window display cabinet in the flag colours with all their footy wares.

big blue shop window
woolies 2010 window

I must say that I’m sorry to see Nelson Mandela square with a huge Sony tent filling the space, it would’ve been great to leave it open with the fountain and countdown to 2010 cick off clock still visible, folks gathering outside in the midday sun, pity. That’s joburg, fill every space possible! The tent looks like it’s for screening the soccer in 3D, Sony have a huge 3D campaign all over the place.

2010 country foorballs

The other cute thing, the usual African figure carvings which have been done as football figures and painted in the various team colours, have been made to come apart for easy traveling. That’s football crazy!

2010 african carved figures


  1. Cheryl
    Posted June 1, 2010 at 5:11 am | Permalink

    Very cool! Thanks for the insight :)

  2. innovative pickies
    Posted June 5, 2010 at 4:06 pm | Permalink

    Fun to see. Good photography

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