Monthly Archives: May 2010

Joburg soccer, football crazy

It was great to be out and about this weekend, Joburg’s football fever has definitely struck. With the international teams arriving there are loads of press and tourists all around, the vibe is electric and it’s fun to be around.

Of course traffic still everywhere, leave early people that’s all I can say on that [...]

Yo sum yummy dim sum at So yum

So yum is part of the Oyo, Wang Thai group, Oyo also serve great dim sum (but only have a few choices on the menu). So yum have more to choose from and they were very yummy. There is nothing nicer than the prawn and celery gau dipped in that spicy mushroom soya sauce, yummm.

Quick and easy snapshot photo for your blog or avatar pic

If you’re looking for a very quick and easy way to update avatar pics or blog photos check out for taking snapshot of yourself from your webcam, with some photobooth like options.

It then gives you the option to email to a friend, or to copy the URL. It is not like dailybooth in that [...]

Can you guess what we did on the weekend?

Take a look at the photo and if you can guess what we did on the weekend, you’ll get 10 points. The clues are, lots of stop starting, bending over, flicking, wacking, floeking and sweating, my butt hurts! It was fun, and we got in some exercise!