Monthly Archives: April 2009 handmade fonts for fabulous design

Take a look at this great site for some pretty fantastic “handmade fonts”, thanks for the link Luke.
If you’re looking for something funky – object orientated fonts, like paper cut out letters, ice, fur, grass and many more. Take a look at the link and see the fantastic work these guys are doing with [...]

I love this Japanese Mayo design

You may think I’m crazy, but this Japanese mayonnaise packaging is one of my favourites. Sushi chefs use it all the time and we all eat it in our sushi hand rolls or whatever they put it on. I also love it because it has good memories from living in London.
I’m posting some pictures of [...]

Steers – It’s just better TV ad – true or false

I lived in London for seven years and ohhh so true is this very clever Steers tv advert, it did make me laugh! My only disappointment is that when I finally made it back home, I’m yet to have a decent steers burger. What a let down, after dreaming about their burgers for all those [...]