Monthly Archives: March 2009

color pickers and color tools

This is a choice of some online color tools for hex color values, that I find very useful.
Infohound Color Scheme is a great online tool for selecting hex colors and rgb values, it also shows selected color schemes that match the color you have just chosen. I enjoy using infohound because it’s open directly in [...]

Ellen Degeneres interviews her wife Portia de Rossi

I’m a big fan of Ellen and loved these interviews with her wife portia. The practice interview is hysterical – she really makes me smile and laugh!
This is part 1 on the Ellen show.

This is part 2 the newlywed game.

This is their practice interview.

aummm series of posters

I’m working on a series of posters which will be available to order soon. If you are interested, send me a mail. Here are the first ones for public viewing, click image to see the poster.

wordpress plugin for home page link

If you want peeps to be able to link back to the start page of your blog “Home page” – this is the wordpress plugin to do that. I was struggling to figure out how to add this home page link – other than the title allowing you back to “Home” – not everyone [...]

basic HTML and CSS tutorial

How to Make a Website From Scratch – This is quite a good tutorial (a bit long, nearly 40 minutes), but if you’re a beginner to HTML and CSS, it’s definitely worth taking a look.

Watch Video

image thumbnail view

I was looking for an image viewer to add to my blog and came across this thumbnail viewer which is simply used to overlay larger images from selecting the thumbnail on a page. It is not a gallery viewer but it is very useful for adding images to your blog posts. I like it!
See the [...]